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There is no simple way for a pet owner to determine if a lump is cancer or not. Many people have certain beliefs about what a cancer would be like, but many of them are wrong.

  • Cancers are painful...WRONG: they are generally totally painless unless in bone or sometimes in the throat.

  • Cancers are fixed to surrounding tissues...WRONG: if you wait till then, the surrounding tissue has tumour deep inside it and will need removing.

  • Tumours are always lumps...WRONG: some tumours, especially in the skin, can be flattish bulges, or just sores.

  • Tumours only happen in old animals...WRONG: there are a few tumours which only happen in young animals, and certainly middle-aged animals often get tumours. The picture below shows a highly malignant tumour in a 17 month old dog!

    The main thing to remember is, if your pet has any lump or sore which you are not sure about, take it to your vet early. Your vet can check in one of a number of ways to determine what it is. If it is a tumour, it can then be treated early and, one hopes, cured immediately.

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