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Helping pets with cancer

It is usually possible to provide good quality, active life for pets which are unlucky enough to develop cancer. This will depend on the type of cancer and its stage: the earlier the better.

Treatments range from curative surgery in many cases to palliation and a dignified end to life in advanced cases.


As with doctors, veterinary surgeons' patients cannot be seen by another vet unless requested by the original vet. That doesn't mean that owners cannot change their vets if they wish, but it is better if your vet knows your pet and its history.

Again, as with doctors, certain diseases are better referred to vets with greater experience than the pet's own vet. With several types of disease (eye, skin and bone problems, for instance) there are special qualifications vets can obtain to allow them to call themselves specialists.

Vets like me with particular experience in certain disease problems can decide to offer their expertise to their colleagues and can accept referred cases. They cannot refer to themselves as specialists.

If you are interested in having a pet referred for cancer management, it can only be done through your normal veterinary surgeon. Most vets are happy to refer patients where it is appropriate: if they do not feel it is appropriate they should be happy to explain why.

If you are a veterinary surgeon, to arrange a referral please email (preferably), telephone or fax numbers above.

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